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Electric Aluminum Solenoid Valve (2way / 2 Position) Normally Close, NPT 1" (VXF2160-10)

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1-VXF Series Pulse Solenoid valve also name as diaphragm valve, which usually used in pulse bag filter as the switch of the air compression in the duct clearing system, under the control of the output signal from the pulse jet control device, it will blow the filter bag row by row in order to clean the dust.

2-Also, it keeps the pressure of the dust collector in the given range, which can guarantee the processing capacity and the dust collecting ability of the dust collector.

3-The construction was designed as a right angle, which applies to the air pocket and the mounting connector of the injection pipe, it helps the dust collector to keep the airflow fluently and supply the requested air pulse for dust cleaning.


* Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Type: 2 Port 2 Position Normally closed type.

* Voltage: DC12V / DC24V / AC24V 50/60Hz / AC110V 50/60Hz / AC220V 50/60Hz.

* High-Quality Valve body is made of Aluminium, with long-serving life, diaphragm seal, sensitive movement, the high-quality brass valve body would hold a press up to 1.5 MPa.

* This is a normally close type of electric solenoid valve, power on to open it and power off to close it. The coil protection level is IP65.

* Precautions for Use: Better for intermittent short-time work, single continuous power-on time is better to be less than 15 minutes, which will extend the valve’s life.

* Wide Range of Uses: This brass Aluminium solenoid valve easily replaces broken valves, suitable for use with pipelines in Water, Gas, Air.

* ALL standard valves are supplied with Continuous Duty Coils of the proper class of insulation for the service indicated on the valve. It is normal for the coil temperature may become hot after being energised for extended periods. Smoke or burning  indicates excessive coil temperature and the power should be disconnected to the coil immediately.



1Body of Valve60-ring11Spring
2Assembly of Diaphram7Spring12Coil
3Pull Spring8Gasket13Name Plate
4Value Cover9Socket HexagonScrews14Clip
5Assembly of Iren core10Assembly of Ireon Core


Working MediumAir, Water, Oil, Gas
OperationInternal Piloted
TypeNormal Close
Orifice27 mm
CV Value18.5
Port SizeNPT 1”
Effective Area Of Section330
Working-pressure4.496 ~145 PSI
Max. Test Pressure217 PSI
Ambient Temperature-5~80 ℃
Material of BodyAluminum


Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 4 × 3.5 in

AC110 50Hz/60Hz, AC220 50Hz/60Hz, AC24 50Hz/60Hz, DC12, DC24

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Electric Aluminum Solenoid Valve (2way / 2 Position) Normally Close, NPT 1" (VXF2160-10)

Electric Aluminum Solenoid Valve (2way / 2 Position) Normally Close, NPT 1" (VXF2160-10)