Solenoid valves are ELECTROMECHANICALLY ACTIVATED VALVES, used to control the flow rate or direction of the fluid. It can be used in pneumatic systems to regulate fluid flow.

*These Electrically Activated solenoid-operated valves are typically used to control the flow and its direction in the system. The spool connected to the valve connects a ferrous metal plunger, which is typically spring-centered.

*The plunger slides within a core tube of non-ferrous metal which a coil of electrical windings surrounds. The coil exists with any range of solenoid valve voltage from 12-48V DC to 110-220V AC. When the coil is being charged with electricity, a magnetic field is created which pushes or pulls the plunger.

#Benefits of Solenoid Valves

Here are some basic features and advantages of these types of valves:

● Minimal pressure drop
● Money-saving
● Effective operation
● Reliability
● Durability
● Compact design

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