HAK specializes in fully rebuilding and repairing pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, ensuring optimal performance for your equipment. Here is why it matters:

  • Reduced efficiency and productivity
  • Power loss and inconsistent operation
  • Increased downtime and maintenance costs
  • Potential equipment damage 


Types of Cylinders We Repair

We have extensive experience in handling various types of cylinders used in different applications. Our expertise covers a wide range of cylinder types, including:

  • Single-acting: Ideal for one-direction force (presses, clamping).
  • Double-acting: Provides force in both directions (pushing, pulling, lifting).
  • Tie-rod cylinders: Affordable and easy to repair, perfect for industrial use.
  • Welded cylinders: Durable in harsh environments, and used in heavy machinery.
  • Telescopic cylinders: Compact with extended reach, ideal for lifting and handling tasks.


cylinder repair service

Cylinder Parts We Repair 

Proper maintenance of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders is essential for ensuring their efficient operation and longevity. At HAK, we repair and rebuild the following critical components:

  • Cylinder Body: This includes:
    • Cylinder Tube: The main body of the cylinder, which houses the piston.
    • Heads & Caps: Essential for maintaining pressure and alignment. Through cylinder head repair, you can say bye to head damage.
    • Ports: Channels through which the hydraulic fluid flows.
  • Internal Components: We repair or replace:
    • Pistons: Key components that transfer force to hydraulic fluid.
    • Seals (Tube, Rod, Piston): Replaced to prevent leaks and maintain pressure. This is crucial for both hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder maintenance.
    • Tie Rods: Structural components that hold the cylinder ends together. As part of our cylinder repair services, we replace the rod wipers to preserve the cylinder's cleanliness and operational performance.
    • Bearing Cartridges: Serviced to reduce friction and support the piston rod.
  • Sealing Systems (piston, rod, tube seals): Replaced to ensure proper sealing and prevent leaks.
  • Cushions: Maintained for smooth operation and to address common wear.


Common Issues We Address

  • Leakages: Often caused by seal wear or damage.
  • Rod Scoring: Can lead to system contamination and reduced efficiency.
  • Barrel Pitting: Affects the cylinder's ability to build pressure.
  • Bushing Wear: Results in misalignment and increased friction.


Cylinder Repair Process

  • Inspection: To start, we closely examine the cylinder to determine its state and spot any issues.
  • Diagnosis: We identify the precise problems impacting your cylinder by using cutting-edge diagnostic technologies.
  • Quotation: We provide a detailed quote with repair specifications and timeframe.
  • Approval: The repair process begins once the customer approves a purchase order.
  • Rebuilding and Repair: Our skilled technicians dismantle, clean, and repair or replace damaged components. 
  • Testing: Cylinders are put through a thorough testing process after repair to make sure they fulfill all operating criteria.


Benefits of Working with HAK

  • One-stop Shop: We save you time and money by handling the whole repair procedure.
  • Customization Options: We know that you may have certain requirements. We provide customized options, such as selecting a material that works well under certain operational circumstances.
  • Quick Turnaround Times: Reducing your downtime is our top priority. Our goal is to deliver the fastest turnaround times in the industry so that you may promptly use your equipment again. 
  • Commitment to Quality: We prioritize long-lasting repairs that meet the highest standards.
  • Expert Team: Our technicians are industry-trained experts with years of experience in cylinder repair.


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