Pneumatic Lubricator, 1/4" Female NPT, 7.25-135 PSI, (AL4000).

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* A lubricator adds controlled quantities of tool oil into a compressed air system to reduce the friction of moving components. Most air tools, cylinders, valves, air motors, and other air-driven equipment require lubrication to extend their useful life.

* The use of an airline lubricator solves the problems of too much or too little lubrication that arise with conventional lubrication methods such as a grease gun or oil. Airline lubricators also supply the right kind of lubricant for the tools used.

* Once the lubricator is adjusted, an accurately metered quantity of lubricant is supplied to the air-operated equipment. The only maintenance required is a periodic refill of the lubricator reservoir.

* Adding lubrication to a system also “washes away” compressor oils that travel through the system in vapour form. Mineral oils added to the system prevent synthetic compressor oil build-up on system components. When lubricators are not used in a system, a coalescing filter should be installed to remove compressor oil aerosols.


Operating FluidAir
Port Size1/4″
Filter Precision40 μ
Range of Adjustable Pressure7.25 ~ 135 PSI
Max. Adjustable Pressure140 PSI
Proof Pressure Resistance150 PSI
Operating Temperature Range5~60 ℃
Capacity of Filter Cup15 cc
Capacity of oil Cup25 cc
Recommended LubricantISO VG 32 or Same Grade Oil
Weight0.20 KG
Container Cup
Protective Cover
Aluminum Alloy Die-casting Forming

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 12.5 in


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Pneumatic Lubricator, 1/4" Female NPT, 7.25-135 PSI, (AL4000).

Pneumatic Lubricator, 1/4" Female NPT, 7.25-135 PSI, (AL4000).