HAK Pneumatic examined the characteristics of pneumatic and hydraulic systems and learned the difference between the two.

  1. The energy source: 
  • The Power source of the pneumatic system is Air which is free of use and an unlimited amount available for use.
  • The Power source of the Hydraulic is Oil which is an additional cost to buy with limited usage.

2- The Speed of Response: 

  • The pneumatic system is fast. The Air is Lightweight and can move to the actuators faster than it does in the hydraulic system. The Air Flow and Pressure are Easy to Adjust by using Valves.
  • The Oil is a Viscous Liquid, which requires more energy to move Through a pipe than the Air.

3- The Degree of Precision

  • The Pneumatic System, which uses gas as a source of power has higher compressibility than the hydraulic system which uses Oil.

4-Complexity of Piping System 

  • Pneumatic System releases the Air Back into the atmosphere after use, so there is no need for additional storage space or piping for the air. Once the air is released, new air is stocked in the compressor and this cycle is repeated. 
  • Hydraulic system needs to send the used oil back into the hydraulic tank for reuse, and therefore the piping structure is more complex than the pneumatic system.

5- Operating Environment

  • Pneumatic systems are preferred in a flammable environment there is a low risk of secondary accident in the event of fire or explosion, also it’s relatively clean and safer as there is no leakage of any liquids.
  • Hydraulic systems that use Oil as a Fluid might leak and contaminate the workspace or when it works under high-Pressure pressure might explode and it can lead to a series of Accidents.