Pneumatic Regulator: 1/4" NPT, 7.25-500 PSI, Single Gauge (QTYH - 8)






* Pressure regulators reduce and control air pressure in compressed air systems, including rotary screw air compressors. Regulators are also frequently referred to as PRVs (pressure-reducing valves).

* Optimally, a pressure regulator maintains a constant output pressure regardless of variations in the input pressure and downstream flow requirements. In practice, the output pressure is influenced to some degree by variations in primary pressure and flow.

* Pressure regulators are used to controlling pressure to:

Air tools / Blowguns / Air gauging equipment / Air cylinders / Air bearings / Air motors / Spraying devices / fluid systems / Air logic valves / Aerosol lubrication system

* General-purpose regulators are available in relieving or non-relieving types. Relieving regulators can be adjusted from high pressure to low pressure. Even in a dead-end situation, relieving regulators will allow the excess downstream pressure to be exhausted. This pressure relief causes a loud hissing sound which is perfectly normal.

* Non-relieving regulators that are similarly adjusted will not allow the downstream pressure to escape. Instead, the trapped air will need to be released in some other way—for example, by operating a downstream valve.

* Downstream equipment flows and pressure requirements must be determined to size the correct regulator for the application properly.


Operating FluidAir
Port SizeNPT 1/4"
Structure FeaturesRegulator, with gauge
Install WayBy Accessories
Range Of Adjustable Pressure 7.25 ~ 507 PSI
Max. Input Pressure 580 PSI
Regulator LockRotary handle, with lock
Rotary handle, with iterg rated locks
Temperature Range (-25~60°C)
Pressure DisplayBY GAUGE


Additional information

Weight 0.633 kg
Dimensions 8 × 2.5 × 2.5 in


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Pneumatic Regulator: 1/4" NPT, 7.25-500 PSI, Single Gauge (QTYH - 8)

Pneumatic Regulator: 1/4" NPT, 7.25-500 PSI, Single Gauge (QTYH - 8)