Brennan Hollow Hex Pipe Plug (5406-HP Series)


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Hydraulic tube fitting and adapter part numbers are constructed from symbols that identify the series, size.

Built to withstand heavy impulse and vibration in both vacuum and pressure systems

Interchangeable and easy to install, requiring no special tools

Available material Steel , Brass , Stainless Steel.

Additional information


5406-HP-02 (HEX Pipe Plug Steel -1/8"), 5406-HP-02-B (HEX Pipe Plug Brass -1/8"), 5406-HP-02-SS (HEX Pipe Plug STNLS -1/8"), 5406-HP-04 (HEX Pipe Plug Steel -1/4"), 5406-HP-04-B (HEX Pipe Plug Brass -1/4"), 5406-HP-04-SS (HEX Pipe Plug STNLS -1/4"), 5406-HP-06 (HEX Pipe Plug Steel -3/8"), 5406-HP-06-B (HEX Pipe Plug Brass -3/8"), 5406-HP-06-SS (HEX Pipe Plug STNLS -3/8"), 5406-HP-08 (HEX Pipe Plug Steel -1/2"), 5406-HP-08-B (HEX Pipe Plug Brass -1/2"), 5406-HP-08-SS (HEX Pipe Plug STNLS -1/2")

Brennan Hollow Hex Pipe Plug (5406-HP Series)

Brennan Hollow Hex Pipe Plug (5406-HP Series)