What is a NAMUR?

NAMUR stands for the User Association of Automation Technology in Process Industries. The letters of the acronym don’t correspond to the wording as it’s original term is in German: “Normen Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Mess- und Regeltechnik in der chemischen Industrie.” The association was established in Germany in 1949. The organization distributes helpful recommendations and worksheets on automation technology.

What is a NAMUR Valve?

Sensors, digital interfaces, valves, and their mountings are among the process control elements covered by NAMUR standards. What is a NAMUR valve? In various flow processes, NAMUR valves are utilized as pilot valves to regulate the actuator such as releasing, distributing or locking the flow of gases and liquids. They are used in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biotech, food processing, etc. NAMUR valves are control valves providing an assemblage interface. They have holes that fix the valve onto the actuator. NAMUR pneumatic valves are a set of valves used with NAMUR type connection in pneumatic drives or axial control valves. NAMUR pneumatic valves are primarily used in pneumatic actuators.

#Benefits of NAMUR Valves

Here are some essential benefits of NAMUR valves:

● Are reliable and have a long life.
● Have a compact design.
● Provide safe and fast switching.
● Require low control power.
● Provide good medium compatibility.

They often have a spring return to ensure fail-safe operation during the unexpected power loss and may be safe for outdoor use by having a screened exhaust nut.

How Does A NAMUR Valve Work?

The NAMUR valve has a mechanical switching function, but it requires power to operate. It controls the actuator by opening and closing the ports. It can have 3/2-, 5/2-, or 5/3-way valves.

NAMUR valves can be applied in pneumatic systems to regulate actuators, fluid power motors, or bigger industrial valves. NAMUR valves’ standard interfaces and direct mounting make them easier and quicker to install compared to the integrated pneumatic solenoids. Thus, they reduce installation costs. Also, they cause less damage to pipelines and give larger room for refitting the other components.

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