Pneumatic Directional Solenoid Control Valve

The Pneumatic Directional solenoid control valves are common in pneumatic systems to control fluid direction within a pneumatic circuit. They are controlled by the action of the solenoid and typically control the compressed air to cylinders, rotary actuators, grippers, and other mechanisms in packaging, handling, assembly, and countless other applications. The four main functions for directional-control valves are 2/2 (two-port, two-way), 3/2, 5/2, and 5/3.


1. Fluid: Compressed air
2. Working pressure: 21.75 PSI – 116 PSI
3. Acting type: 3/2-way, 5/2-way, 5/3-way
4. Joint size: NPT 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″
5. Advantage: Compressed air can result in huge forces available to act on another valve and be recycled after it did its job, so it doesn’t add very much weight to the mechanism.