What Are Compact Cylinders?

Compact cylinders are pneumatic cylinders with a compact stroke length. They excel at applications with limited space and low requirements on lateral load. Compared to standard pneumatic cylinders, compact cylinders can take up to 50% less area than the standard while exerting the same force as their larger counterparts. Material, performance, features, etc., are essential when choosing a compact cylinder. Compact cylinders are part of the direct mounting cylinders group and are mainly mounted without specific mounting accessories.

They can be referred to as mini, flat, or pancake cylinders. They are ideal for space-constrained applications that require short strokes and high force. Today, compact air cylinders that use compressed air are the standard solution for mechanical actuation in limited space.

Benefits of Compact Pneumatic Cylinders

As you have seen above, compact pneumatic cylinders, also called short-stroke cylinders, are designed for installation in limited spaces. They can have various versions, including double-acting, single-acting, magnetic, etc.

#Here are some essential benefits that compact pneumatic cylinders have:

● Small and Powerful — Compact air cylinders are more minor but as powerful as their larger counterparts. They are applied for linear actuation and regulate different applications, including wire machinery, packaging, conveyor systems, food processing, etc.

● Versatile Design — Through their design, these compact air cylinders have lighter weight, and other advantages, such as:

#Adaptability to more applications

● Multiple standard configurations
● Numerous mounting options
● Top performance
● Efficient design
● Space-saving and lightweight solution

Usage Of Compact Pneumatic Cylinders

Compact air cylinders perform particular functions that are boundless. These cylinders can be employed in applications and industries, including material handling, packaging, custom-built machinery and equipment, robotics, automotive assembly, conveyor systems, printing, assembling, clamping applications, etc. Single-acting cylinders are suitable for applications from material handling to printing while double-acting cylinders excel at assembling, processing, shaking, feeding, forming applications, and more.

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